Simplicity 1554, Swiss Dot Blouse: 40s does 60s

Front view, #1.

+ + +

Front view, #2.

+ + +

Front view, #3. Ignore my wrinkly pants.

+ + +

Side view.

+ + +

Closeup of brooch, swiss dot, and mother of pearl buttons.

+ + +

I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men lately and it’s been starting to show in my projects.

I need more versatile white blouses in my wardrobe and made the peter pan collar version of Simplicity 1554.

The Facts

Fabric: Swiss dot, $7/yd, 2 yd. Cotton batiste, $5/yd, 2 yd.
Pattern: Simplicity 1554
Year: 1945
Notion: snaps, mother of pearl buttons
Time to complete: 12 hours
First worn: Hasn’t been worn yet
Wear again? Yes
Total price: $26

+ + +

Pattern used.

+ + +

I’ve made this blouse twice before. The swiss dot I was using was sheer and see-through, so I underlined it with white cotton batiste.

Everything went smoothly until I got to the buttonholes. Since it was underlined, the buttonhole had 4 layers of fabric to go through, plus interfacing, and my buttonhole maker got stuck in the embroidered dots of the swiss dots. I hand-sewed some snaps and hand-sewed some mother of pearl non-functioning buttons on the front side. I used French seams on it also.

This is a really good basic piece. It wasn’t too boring to make and will hopefully go with a lot of things. This project is also part of my SWAP.

16 thoughts on “Simplicity 1554, Swiss Dot Blouse: 40s does 60s

  1. Oh that is so cute! I have to jump on this swiss dot train and ride it to beautiful-town, where you live. I love this, it fits you so nicely and that collar is too cute.

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  3. This looks fabulous on you — what a great basic, but far from boring. I’m sure you’ll wear it lots. And how great that you’re using a pattern over and over!

    I also enjoyed (and envy) your smaller fabric stash. I’m getting better but I keep holding onto fabric I know I’ll never use “in case I need to muslin” or whatever. I have 40-odd pieces and, like you, get overwhelmed with the options. At the moment I’m trying to focus on one garment a month and do it well. We’ll see how this goes :0 Looking forward to reading about your progress!

  4. This is great. It looks so stylish and can be worn casual or dressed up! This I will definitely add to my list of garments I want to make.

  5. So sweet! I love this! Dotted Swiss is the best! I never buy/make anything white cause I’m pretty messy, but this looks so crisp and clean that I’m tempted to try it out myself! Maybe I’m finally grown up enough to handle wearing white without ruining it!

  6. This blouse is gorgeous on you. The collar frames your face so nicely and I love the juxtaposition of your sleeve and the swiss dot. Well done!

  7. I’m such a fan of little 40’s blouses, white blouses, and swiss dot. Triple threat! It looks great, I’m sure you’ll get HEAPS of wear out of it. :)

  8. Thank you for the comments guys. I haven’t worn it out yet but it does look really versatile and comfy, so hopefully I’ll get a lot of use for it.

  9. I love that! The fabric, the collar, the whole thing just looks so good!

  10. You are such an inspiration. I’ve only started learning how to sew and wonder if one day I’ll be able to recreate vintage styles like you! Can i ask a question? I get that there are junior and misses sizes, but sometimes i see vintage patterns having both written on the back, but just junior on the front. Does that mean it’s just junior really? Some etsy seller doesn’t show the whole front view and i get confused! I will really really appreciate it if you can ping me an email at about it. THANKS!

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