Singer 221-1, the Featherweight

Singer 221-1, the very photogenic Featherweight.

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I passed my jiu jitsu belt test a few weeks ago and decided it was a good excuse to buy myself a new machine. At least two of you out there are already the proud owners of a Singer Featherweight. I know it’s very popular amongst quilters and it produces a beautiful straight stitch. I also wanted to return to the feel of sewing with a machine with a substantial feel.

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The Singer 201-2.

I learned to sew on a Singer 201-2, a huge black machine that comes bolted to the table. It only sews in one direction and is probably from the 40s. (More on this machine in the future.) The 201-2 ended up with electrical problems (which I later fixed a few months later) and in the interim I bought the total opposite of this machine: a pastel green Hello Kitty Janome machine that is meant for children who are learning how to sew.

The super cute Hello Kitty machine.

At this point I wasn’t sure how long I’d stay with sewing, since I’ve been making patterns that didn’t fit me for months and months. I wanted something that wasn’t too expensive and wasn’t too complicated to use. Compared to the 201-2, the Hello Kitty machine is fairly loud and sews very very slowly.

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The Featherweight came in its original case.

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The top part holds the foot. The machine goes in the middle part, and on the side is a box that has bobbins, the instruction manual, and some feet.

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Front view.

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It also came with some buttonholers. It looks similar to the buttonholer in the Singer 201-2, but I have yet to compare them.

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My Esteemed Sewing Assistant likes to inspect all new things.

4 thoughts on “Singer 221-1, the Featherweight

  1. oooh! You have all the buttonholer stuff? Mine came without the cams. I was sooo disapoointed.

    Enjoy your new machine. I know you will love it!

  2. Without the cams? Thanks, I already do. Totally worth my burned hand (more on this later). What bobbins do you use with it? Mine came with some but they are all full of thread in colors I’m not using.

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