This Week in Instagram: Merrell Mud Run

My first pair of running shoes, RIP.

(Btw my instagram handle is “jnce”. You can find more instagram pics here.)

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From time to time, I’ll post something about my personal life that might not be sewing-related if it is especially interesting. Sewing and fashion is still the primary focus of this blog, but will start to include little snippets about day to day life that is especially unusual.

In addition to having unflattering pictures of myself wearing muslins, I figured I’d post unflattering pictures of myself crawling through mud.

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The Navy (?) was helping out.

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Crawling into the mud pit. I’m on the left.

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Going through the mud pit. I recognize that frizzy, un-set, mud-soaked hair from anywhere.

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Finish line.

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I’ve never considered myself athletic, or been remotely athletic in my life. I never did sports in high school, was always the last to be picked in teams in gym class, and was always somewhat awkward. I don’t like running and have never considered myself a runner. However this year I decided to challenge myself and sign up for a mud run: running through three types of terrain (sand, pavement, forest) with obstacles (vertical ladder climb, incline rope climb, wall climb, crawling through tunnels, crawling through mud, water crossing.)

Most of my friends (including one who was a former paratrooper and had actually done similar training in the military) were wondering why I would ever choose to subject myself to such an activity, and if I was going through a mid-life crisis. I did choose to train for it, and today I myself was wondering why I’d decided to go through this in the first place.

I did finish the race, and for me it’s definitely an achievement, since this isn’t something I’d think to do for myself last year (or even any year after that.) This is my first mud run but definitely not my last.

12 thoughts on “This Week in Instagram: Merrell Mud Run

  1. Congrats on finishing the race! My friend just did a mud run this past weekend and he also loved it, but said it was really tough!

  2. That’s amazing!!! You must feel SO proud of yourself! You look pretty smug in the picture ;o)

    I have a similar non-athletic past. I was shocked to discover some basic skill with catching and throwing and actually making baskets and connecting the bat with the ball while playing with my children. I think we sometimes tell ourselves that we’re not a certain type and stay away from things we might actually be good at.

  3. Congratulations! Looks like fun. I’m doing tough mudder early next year, which sounds like this. I figure, how hard could it be right? 😉

  4. Thanks Miss Crayola! I went solo and it was a lot of fun. Oh I added you back on instagram.

  5. Awwww thanks Wanett! That’s cool that you discovered sports with your kids, it’s a great bonding experience.

  6. I love that you did this! It sounds like so much fun! And I think it’s really great that you’re discovering new things about yourself and facing new challenges. Tough Mudder sounds like a blast!

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