This Week in Instagram: Hurricane Sandy

Right in front of my building, yesterday night: blackness and flares. No street lights.

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As some of you might know, there was a hurricane that hit NYC a few days ago. I thought at first it wouldn’t be anything, since Hurricane Irene didn’t bring us anything but wind and rain, but I was surprisingly wrong. I lost power on Monday night and lost water on Tues night at home, and am writing this from work 10+ blocks north where they actually do have power and water. It’s not so bad though. I have food, water, candles, blankets and once you get used to going up and down the stairs with your flashlight, it isn’t so bad.

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Night 1: No supplies except for water. The only candle I had was a black candle, half-lit. No matches though, so it didn’t do me any good when the power went out.

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Night 2: Bought matches and flashlights. Eating chicken with orzo and salad, reading Neil Gaiman. Replenished supplies at my parents’ house. Notice no traffic lights, no street lights, and no ambient lights from buildings. NYC never gets this dark.

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Night #3, no power + water: Carved a proper jack-o-lantern for Halloween by candlelight. Dinner was macaroni with homemade spaghetti sauce, cheese and dates.

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Night #4, no power/water: Walked home really late to try to conserve supplies. Mooncakes, tea + Anne Rice.

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Power is supposed to return to my area by Saturday, so that leaves about two more nights of darkness.

10 thoughts on “This Week in Instagram: Hurricane Sandy

  1. Goodness, the photos of NYC in darkness look so surreal! I’m very pleased you and your loved ones are safe though and I hope the next 3 nights are bearable!

  2. Wow. The darkness is incredible. I hope they get your power turned on before then!

    I’m glad you’re okay, and I think it’s rather neat that you’re reading The Sandman chronicles. What do you think so far?

  3. I read all of the Sandman chronicles a long time ago, and being forced to read by candlelight the past 3 nights, I’ve decided to re-acquaint myself with them. I love it still! My favorite Endless has got to be Desire, seconded only by Death.

  4. Yikes!!! Let me know if you need anything! We have power here in Queens, just no internet or cable (internet is finally back up at work– whew!). If you need a shower or something, feel free to stop by!

  5. I’m glad to hear that you’re okay. Isn’t it crazy how unexpected this storm was? I was lucky in that I didn’t experience much damage but my heart goes out to those in New Jersey and NY who are still suffering!

  6. Thanks, Ginger! I’ve been using my friend’s bathroom (shower) daily, and I have power/water/internet here at work. But thanks so much!

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