2012: Sewing Year in Review

This was a great year for sewing. Here are some of my favorite projects:

Mermaid Halloween Costume

+ + +

Colette Macaron

+ + +

Black Denim Suspender Skirt, McCalls 3730

+ + +

Denim Suspender Skirt, McCalls 3730

+ + +

What else happened in 2012:

- Learned how to sew knits
- Finished my first tote bag
- Bought a Featherweight
- Made my first modern pattern
- Learned how to take pictures outside my living room
- Went to Fashion Week
- Started to incorporate pictures of my daily life, for better or worse
- Met a lot of great bloggers and sewing friends (Ginger, Cindy, Zoe, Gertie, Elizabeth, Nettie, and so many more!)

+ + +

What happened in 2012, in my personal life:

- Hurricane Sandy
- Went to San Francisco
- Finished my first mud run
- Went to a lot of shows (Bruce Springsteen, Morrissey, Alt J x2, Amanda Palmer, among others)
- Finally went for my belt test in jiu jitsu (I’m long overdue for another belt test)
- Am learning how to play the guitar

+ + +

My only goal for 2013 is more sewing.

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