What I’m Working on This Week: Simplicity 5601, Tote Bag

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I’ve never had a tote bag as a beginner sewing project, but I wish I did.

I have one beaten up tote bag that my dad gave me a few years ago that has his company logo. I stuff all kinds of things in it, from spare shoes, spare gym attire, bag lunches, fabric. It is large and folds up nicely and is very lightweight, but it doesn’t match anything I wear. So I’ve decided to get out of my sewing ennui by making a tote bag.

I’m well aware a tote bag is all rectangles and might be boring to sew, so I bought some skull and roses fabric and am using some leftover black denim for the bottom piece.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Working on This Week: Simplicity 5601, Tote Bag

  1. Good idea! I too have never sewn a handy tote bag and would love to get round to it soon. Can’t wait to see yours finished ;o)

  2. Thanks, Marie! I hope to have a pretty tote bag soon, and more importantly, this should motivate me to go back to sewing.

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