About Me

I’m Janice. I live in New York City, embraced vintage fashion and style and consecutively learned how to sew a few years ago. My favorite sewing time period is the 1940s, followed by the 1950s. My favorite sewing pattern company is DuBarry. I’ve since learned to sew with knits.

This is my Esteemed Sewing Assistant, Bean.

When I’m not sewing I work as an app developer, making mainly iPhone apps and some Android apps. I also study jiu jitsu and arnis (Filipino stick and knife), go to too many shows, am (very slowly) learning the guitar.

I made this sewing app years ago, Fabunits, which you can get on the iTunes store here.

I have a Hello Kitty Janome Machine (don’t judge me), a Singer 201-2 from the 40s bolted to the table that I learned how to sew on, a Singer 221-1 Featherweight and a Brother 1034D serger. The Featherweight is my primary machine, used for basting and straight stitching. The Hello Kitty Machine I use for the invisible zipper foot and the Brother 1034D primarily for serging.

If you want to contact me, I’m at: janicegaringo (at) gmail (dot) com