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Swan Print and Abstract Print Fabrics


I decided to hit Mood Fabrics during my lunch break last week to find some cotton voile for another Box Dress with Boat Neck. I already finished (but have yet to photograph and blog) the one I made last week and already wore it to work.

I’m making an effort to sew and wear more colors this season. My wardrobe consists mainly of grey, dark grey and black, but sewing with dark colors can be very drab.

The red abstract print has flashes of navy, dark pink, light grey over a red background with abstract line drawings of flowers on it. The swan print is deep navy with mostly white swans and a few gold swans.

I ended up cutting the red abstract print for a Box Dress and am saving the swan print pattern for a future blouse. Hopefully making dresses that don’t need to be coordinated will lead to wearing more color.

Box Dress with Boat Neck, in progress


I’m in town this weekend and I finally had a chance to catch up on my sewing. I’ve wanted to try the patterns from Stylish Dress Book for awhile now, but I’ve always felt too intimidated by the tracing.


The patterns are all printed on one sheet of paper and the lines are all on top of each other. This one was not that hard to figure out. I used dot paper and you can sort of see through it to the pattern lines below.

One thing to keep in mind is that the seam allowances are not included! I had to read very carefully (and fortunately it was before I had cut the fabric) to make sure.

I finished cutting all the pieces which wasn’t too complicated for this one, so stay tuned.

Now With Sleeves

it only took a few months but now there are two sleeves. #sewing #coletteviolet #blouse

+ + +

It only took a few weeks but my Colette Violet finally has sleeves. Now I just need to find buttons.

Colette Violet Updates

just needs sleeves and buttonholes. should have picked something more drapey and slightly concerned about the shoulder seams. #colettepatterns #violet #sewing #blouse

+ + +

Here’s my progress so far on the Colette Violet. Just needs sleeves and buttonholes now.

Sewing Updates


+ + +

Not much to show, but still working on Colette Violet here.

Actual Sewing Content

Keeping it classy with canned corn pattern weights. #sewing

After procrastinating for many many weeks, I finally had a chance to trace and pin the Colette Violet pattern. I’m on the fence about pinning. Sometimes I think it leads to accurate cutting, sometimes I think it makes the fabric bunch up and I like to keep it as flat as possible. I’m using a striped grey cotton from my stash.

+ + +

Esteemed Sewing Assistant turned Pirate Cat. #sewing #cats #catsofinstagram #cat #sphynx #sphynxofinstagram

Esteemed Sewing Assistant in Training, trying to be a Pirate Cat.

What you don’t see are hours spent saying, “No, don’t sit on that!” — everything from the fabric, the ironed out patterns, the pattern on the fabric, to “No don’t play with the pin cushion!” until Esteemed Sewing Assistant in Training fell asleep.

More to come soon.

McCalls 6095: Pincushion B


Yet another pincushion.

+ + +

I left all of my garment sewing patterns up in Montreal, so until I bring them here I’ll be working on a few arts and crafts projects.

This is a pincushion from McCalls 6095. I used leftover scrap quilting cotton, ric rac and a button from stash. Halfway through I realized my pincushion looked halfway deformed, and I almost threw it out. I didn’t have any felt for the base of the pincushion, and using quilting cotton would probably mean that the bottom would unravel.

Thankfully I didn’t let my perfectionistic tendencies get the best of me. I found some ric rac that distracted from the strange non-round, lopsided shape of the pin cushion, and found a decorative button from my stash.

As I was taking pictures of the pincushion I found some felt in my stash, so I will amend this with new felt the next time I sew.

My sewing machine has been unable to wind a bobbin lately. I had to wind the bobbin by hand until it was halfway full. About a year ago it was already having bobbin winding issues, but I got around it by putting a mechanical pencil underneath the bobbin winding mechanism until it caught. Looks like I have to bring the machine into the shop soon if I can’t figure this out. Has this happened to anyone else out there?

First Sewing Project in a Long Time

Creepy Contortionist Sewing Assistant. #nyc #sewing #cats #catsofinstagram #sphynx #sphynxofinstagram

Super creepy contortionist Sewing Assistant.

+ + +


Finished Mason jar pincushion.

+ + +

I’m back! It’s been over a year since I’ve posted. There have been a lot of life changes here since then — I’ve gotten married, moved countries twice, have a new Esteemed Sewing Assistant.

This is hardly a sewing project (since it involved no sewing) but more of an arts and crafts project. I found some scrap Day of the Dead fabric in my stash and used it to make a small pincushion, which I then affixed to the top of a Mason jar.

I plan to post here once I get back into the groove of sewing once again, so more projects hopefully soon.

The McCall Pattern Company Tour

Hawaiian print swatches at the McCall Pattern Company.

Hawaiian print swatches at the McCall Pattern Company. The fabric room is filled with board after board of well-organized swatches.

+ + +

Yesterday I had a chance to visit the McCall Pattern Company offices. It was interesting to see how patterns were made — from brainstorming, pattern drafting, writing up instructions, testing muslins, sewing the final piece, photographing, and deciding which patterns were to come out for the next season. It was equally good to be surrounded by such passionate people who love to sew.

+ + +


Inspiring fabric swatches.

+ + +


The hallway has many, many dressforms, all close together.

+ + +

Creepy dressforms

Creepy dressforms.

+ + +


Someone who works there enthusiastically loves purple. I wish my desk at work looked like this.

+ + +

Writings on muslins

Notes for a Vogue pattern, written directly on a muslin.

+ + +

All in all, a very inspiring trip.

Scout Woven Tee: Burnout Scout, #3



+ + +

There isn’t much to say about Scout. I’ve made this two times already, and I’m not about to stop. I love it, and so should you.

+ + +

Wearability: I’ve already worn this to work, to social occasions, to a gig. It’s 60% sheer, but since there’s a pattern on it, it’s not that noticeable.

Construction notes: I serged the seams, left the bottom hem raw and the sleeve edge raw because I was too supremely lazy to finish it. Because it’s a knit, it’s very forgiving, and I don’t think it matters much.


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