Sewing Inspiration: Inception

by Janice

I couldn’t resist posting Inception as a source of sewing and fashion inspiration. It is highly unlikely that I’ll be sewing menswear soon, but fitted dresses in tailored lightweight wool in cool brown or grey might be in the future. Inception is still out now, and is definitely worth seeing.

InceptionMarion Cotillard’s character Mal looks stunning as always. The detail on her gown is exquisite.

INCEPTIONI love the warm hues of this shot. The beige and whites play a good counterpoint to each other.

INCEPTIONSubdued but classic grey suits.

INCEPTIONCool brown tones give these suits a classic feel.

INCEPTIONNote the relaxed look of the man on the left, across from Leonardo De Caprio’s character. The burnt orange warms up the khaki jacket and light brown trousers.

INCEPTIONLeonardo De Caprio’s character’s dark reddish-brown leather jacket is a unique departure from the usual black or dark brown leather jacket.

INCEPTIONOpposite from Leonardo’s character, the girl on across from him (the Architect) has a great sense of style. She often pairs silk scarves with blouses and fitted trousers.

The clothing in Inception is so classic that it can’t be traced to any distinct period from the past or future. I love the organic, warm tones of the clothing, and how nothing looks costumey or too contrived. An in depth interview with costume designer Jeffrey Kirkland can be found here.