Stealth Project: Wearing History Shorts, circa 1930s

by Janice


Back view.

+ + +


Front view.

+ + +


Alternate side view.

+ + +


View of shoes and toes.

+ + +

I needed a pair of shorts to wear to a Fourth of July barbecue over the weekend, so I made these high-waisted shorts in a span of two days. They are very comfy and are approaching granny-chic, but I’m fine with that.

Construction notes: I’ve made the trousers before from the same pattern, and just altered the leg length for shorts. I used leftover navy blue gabardine and a leftover button from my last project. I used cotton sateen as interfacing which was a bad idea, since the waistband came out too bulky and my machine messed up my one and only buttonhole. The button was big enough to hide my mistake though, and it’s still very much usable.

I don’t know if I’ll make another pair or shorts this summer, but if I do I plan to put in pockets.

It took an entire month and my hair is straight-ish but I finally managed to coax my hair into looking like something vintage-related. Slowly but surely.