Sewing Fail: Colette Patterns Clover

by Janice

Esteemed Sewing Assistant with Clover pants pattern.

I was really excited to get the new pants pattern Clover from Colette Patterns, but upon making a quick muslin of it right off the bat, it was definite muslin fail. I must be too used to wearing vintage-styled clothing since the inseam was way too low on me. That’s something I’m not used to anymore — it feels like the pants are going to fall off. I must have measured wrong or something since I made a standard muslin with actual muslin and the hips and waist were way too big. Granted this is without any alterations, and I have the same problem when buying ready-to-wear jeans.

I thought Clover would be my TNT cigarette pants pattern, but not without some alterations. I have higher expectations when buying modern patterns since they come in multi-fit sizes and are tailored to more modern proportions, and so if something doesn’t fit right out of the box I’m more surprised than usual. The pattern looks well-drafted and has clearly written instructions and I don’t want to give up on it yet.