Simplicity 2178: What I’ve Been Working on Lately

by Janice

This is probably so last year, but I’m finally joining the masses and working on this Cynthia Rowley pattern I’ve had languishing in my closet for the past few months. I’m using a black rayon that has a paint splatter pattern on it. This is the first modern pattern I’ve worked on since I first learned how to sew.

This pattern isn’t even muslined out yet, but I already have a lot I don’t like about it. I must have been spoiled by working on vintage patterns, since this project has way too many small bits and pieces. I also don’t like the weird gathers by the front waist so this version is already going to be heavily modified, at least in the bodice area. I also plan on lengthening the skirt since I haven’t worn a skirt above knee-length since I was in Catholic school.

+ + +

You know you’ve been drafting too hard when you break your plastic ruler in half.