Sewing-Related Event: Blogger Meetup

by Janice

Mood Fabrics sidekick, Swatch.

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This weekend I had a chance to meet some awesome fellow sewing bloggers: Ginger, Liz, Marina, Kerry, Kelli, Mika and Cindy. I have painfully few photographs of this meetup actually occurring, but I assure you it did happen.

It was great to see such very different ladies who could all relate to each other and had something in common. I saw some excellent projects being worn out and about in real life (something I always wonder about when I’m looking at projects being photographed): Ginger’s awesome bright blue linen trapeze dress, Mika’s floral Chantilly, Liz’s embroidered edged Hazel, Kerry’s nautical gathered skirt, and Cindy’s petal bust 50s inspired playsuit.

We first met up at Paron Fabrics, did some shopping, then moved over to Grey Line Linen, then Chic Fabrics. We stopped for lunch and our last stop was at Mood. Spoils of this shopping trip soon to come.