This Week in Instagram: Sickly Lack of Sewing

by Janice

Ninja socks + homemade tote bag.

+ + +

So I haven’t done much sewing (or much of anything) this week since I’ve been trying to get over this cold/cough/flu for the past week or so. Last weekend I sat on my couch for 12 hours in my pajamas, huddled in a blanket with The Esteemed Sewing Assistant, drinking hot tea and watching a Sopranos marathon. I’ve managed to drag myself coughing and sputtering to most of my normal activities this week, but hopefully next week will bring more sewing.

Which reminds me, for any of you who participates in Sew Weekly — do you know how to access the themes for January/February? I want to plan my next few Sew Weeklys, but the area where the themes are usually updated haven’t been updated since December.