Work in Progress: Nani Iro Tunic Dress, Pocket Inset

by Janice

testing out the inset seam pocket for the #naniiro pattern, part 1. #sewing

Lately I’ve been working on deciphering the pocket inset for the Nani Iro Tunic Dress pattern. My hiragana isn’t advanced enough yet to be able to read what’s on the pattern, but a combination of Google translate and deciphering the illustrations together has helped. I made a partial muslin since the dress is so loose fitting that there is no fitting to be done but I wanted to try the construction first before I tried it on my good fabric.


This is an interesting design detail and I haven’t seen a pocket like this yet. The small pocket is embedded in the seam of the shoulder seam and the front right seam. The pocket doesn’t lie flat since that area has to move so the front pocket is not flush with the seam. The construction is also interesting — you sew in between the notches, then cut across the pocket seam, flip the pocket over, attach the back pocket and sew everything on to the shoulder seam. If everything is done properly then all of the raw edges are enclosed in the seam.

Here is the finished pocket inseam.