Work in Progress: Nani Iro Tunic Dress

by Janice


Lately I’ve been working on this tunic dress pattern from Nani Iro. I need something with longer sleeves to wear for work and I was drawn by the interesting inseam pocket detail and the loose flowy cut of this pattern. The directions are entirely in Japanese but there are a lot of illustrations that demonstrate the techniques that should be done.

I started taking Japanese lessons recently, with my aim to be able to read some of my cookbooks that are not bilingual and some of my sewing patterns that have not been translated. However, I am only a few weeks in and I only know maybe 40-50 hiragana, no katakana, and definitely no kanji, so I can read at best one syllable of one word that’s in the pattern.

I have a few other finished projects but haven’t had the time to process the photos in Lightroom yet or write posts properly, so definitely more content forthcoming as soon as I get to it.