Sewing + Life Updates

by Janice

this is the wrong side so the fabric looks muted. #kawaii #かわいい #sewing #alexanderhenry

I have a backlog of late summer finished sewing projects that I still need to post and photograph. However, they are doing construction on the back yard of my building and finding a quiet isolated spot to take photographs in has been challenging.

My hands have healed up some (see below) and I’ve been working on this Scout cropped tee using this Alexander Henry cat print fabric. The multiple cats are very かわいい (kawaii!) and it’s a new style that I’ve learned to like. I do love wearing all black, all the time but I needed a break from wearing all black and this interesting print breaks up the monotony just a bit.

it's been a hellish week. doctor sent me home a few days ago with an as needed quarantine for hand, foot and mouth disease

I try not to post personal stuff on here when I can, however sometimes life can make legitimate delays in sewing. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. I worked from home for about a week or so and just returned to work last week. My hands and feet are still healing from the sores and blisters caused by this viral disease, so there hasn’t been much sewing as of late. I did fix my sewing machine problems related to bobbin tension last night, so hopefully I can get back to regular posting soon.