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What I’m Working on This Week: Advance 8647, Bodice Lining

I finished the lining last night. Now I just need to attach the boning to the lining, line it, and finish the skirt.

What I’m Working on This Week: Advance 8647, Bodice

It’s been quiet around these parts since it’s been a very busy summer, but I have been sewing.

Over the weekend I finally got the front bodice done. It’s cotton sateen underlined with cotton batiste. I was supposed to underline the fashion fabric with organza, but it was way too slippery and moved around too much, so I ended up using some white cotton batiste from the depths of my stash. (My fabric acquisition has been so sparse lately that it can’t even be called a stash.) I tried to watch some X-Files while doing this, since underlining the pieces were tedious.

It still needs lining, boning, and the skirt part to be done. Almost there.

What I’m Working on This Week: Advance 8647, Muslin #2

I know it doesn’t look like I’ve been sewing lately since this blog has been pretty quiet, but I’ve been slowly and surely working on my bridesmaid dress muslin.

I used rigilene boning (taped in like a lazy sewist right before fitting). Tomorrow I plan to go the garment district to get the fashion fabric (finally!).

I’ve also been up to a lot of non-sewing, but I’ll save the flood of Instagrams for later.

What I’m Working on This Week: Advance 8647, Muslin #1

+ + +

Here’s what the first muslin looks like. I plan to use sew-in boning (am trying to take some shortcuts here and not use steel spiral boning), underlining in silk organza and lining in cotton batiste. My friend Cindy came over to help me fit the bodice, which is sort of fitted but needs some help.

+ + +

Esteemed Sewing Assistant, hard at work.

+ + +

Sewing is definitely not glamorous. Here’s what my work table looked like, after fitting and adjusting the first muslin.

What I’m Working on This Week: Advance 8647

This week I really need to get my muslin finished. Nothing yet to see here, just a lot of tracing and prep work. And Esteemed Sewing Assistant helping out.

What I’m Working on This Week: Advance 8647, the Bridesmaid Dress

In some fit of sewing responsibility, I finally went back to what I really should have been working on since about a month ago: my bridesmaid dress. I’m going with the bustier/sarong version from the late 50s.

I also finished McCalls 5805, and still need to take decent pictures of it.

Special Occasion Sewing: Bridesmaid Dress

One of my friends is getting married in the summer, and I need to make a dress. I’m trying to narrow down the styles/patterns for it. I have it narrowed down to three:

McCalls 7488. This is one of the most unusual dresses in my pattern collection. I plan to remove the gathers from the waist and convert them into darts.

+ + +

McCalls 6604. Another really interesting pattern, with double scallops.

+ + +

McCalls 5395. Basic sheath dress.

+ + +

My first pick so far is the double scallop dress. Any ideas?

What I’m Working on This Week: McCalls 5805, Bodice

+ + +

I can only sew once a week these days, so I’ve been working on this slowly but surely. I lined the bodice with cotton broadcloth. I still need to serge the edges and cut the skirt.

What I’m Working on This Week: McCalls 5805

+ + +

I was looking through my stash and I found this interesting dress pattern. I plan to make View A, with the pouffy skirt, and to add pockets.

Sewing Inspiration: What I Should Be Sewing

It’s been way too busy here with holiday parties, trying to work on my portfolio, trying to catch up with freelance and trying to have a social life that I haven’t been sewing. So here are the things that I should be working on:

Vogue 7538. This was the coat pattern that I should have been working on, but productive sewing has promptly trailed off after October or so.

+ + +

I really like peplum dresses and need to make a proper one.

+ + +

I’ve made at least two versions of this, one in pink and one in yellow, but find them both to be unwearable as they aren’t that flattering. The colors are also way too bright and make me feel really self-conscious. It’d be nice to make a wearable version.

+ + +

Another pattern with an interesting corset-type design that I have yet to sew.

+ + +

The color-blocking on this version looks a little extreme, but I think it might be interesting if done with tone on tone colors.


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