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I’m as Free as My Hair

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This weekend I got a haircut. What was supposed to be a trim ended up being a lot more modern with layers, and after styling my hair unsuccessfully the way I usually do last night, it’s apparent that I won’t be able to pull off any vintage hair for the next few months until the layers grow out.

Instead of lamenting over this I decided to embrace it thoroughly, still sewing vintage but in more wearable glam-rock inspired styles. That is, until I learn to set it properly.

Does anyone out there have any advice for vintage-styled hair that has short layers and is shoulder-length?

GovIsland: The Governors Island App


Part of the reason why I haven’t had time to sew this month is because I’ve been developing an app. GovIsland, the Governors Island app was approved this week.

Governors Island is a former military base in New York Harbor, now turned into a public park and recreation area. It’s only been open for a few years and is already becoming a little-known but trendy spot for concerts and events in New York City.


+ Contains original content and photos of over 80+ in Governors Island
+ MapKit integration with 80+ locations showing landmarks, open spaces, historical buildings, recreational options and more
+ Ability to filter points on the map by type of location (eg: show me restrooms only)
+ Tour guide, with locations sorted by landmarks, historical buildings, recreational options, and more

Now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on the iTunes store.

What I’ve Been Up To Lately


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I haven’t been sewing as much as I should have. Trying to get adjusted to new routines in the past month has proved very stressful. I miss sewing and having the time to sew. Hopefully this month should prove more stable.

Me Made March 2011

“I, Janice, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March 2011. I endeavor to wear one handmade or refashioned item each day for the duration of March 2011.”

Last year’s Me Made March didn’t go as planned, but I definitely plan to participate this year. It will be a good exercise in rotating my handmade clothing and determining which garments I wear the most.

Some personal modifications to Me Made March:
+ I’ll be photographing these outfits during the weekends, since I’m usually late and trying to run out the door on weekdays
+ I’ll be wearing one handmade item each day, Mon-Fri
+ Weekends are exempt, since my weekends are spent running errands in my Errand Clothes (cargo pants and t-shirts) or slouching around playing video games in my Loungewear (pajamas and t-shirts)
+ Weekends where I’m not wearing Errand Clothes or Loungewear are not exempt

My Serger Has Adamantium Claws


Almost everyone has this same model of serger, but not everyone has Wolverine on it.

FabUnits: the Vintage Fabric iPhone App Updates

I haven’t been blogging as of late, but I’m still here. I haven’t been sewing as much as I’d like to, but I have plans to remedy that.

The latter part of the summer was filled with 80 degree humid weather, then two weeks of very humid but rainy weather, very unusual for the East Coast, which continues on until now, sans humidity. I haven’t felt as inspired to sew and have regressed into clothing I already own / a more modern jeans/punk non-retro look.

+ + +

A few weeks, my submission to update FabUnits (the vintage fabric iPhone app) was accepted. I moved the input field up so it isn’t blocked by the keyboard when you enter in a length.

Here are some screenshots:



You can get the app here (iTunes store link) for free.

Server Hiccups

There’s been a problem with servers today so it’s been difficult to post, but at least this site (and all sites on this domain) is alive and well. Hopefully more updates this week on a silk Sencha I’ve been working on.

Floral Circle Skirt: in progress

Living in small NYC apartments means there is often very little room for sewing. My “sewing area” spans my kitchen to my windowsill. The ironing board is propped up on the windowsill, and most of the cutting is done on the floor. (But the floor is clean!) The drafting is done on the dining room table, and larger pieces like skirts are drafted on the floor. Esteemed Sewing Assistant Bean (the black fat kitty) likes to perch on the ironing board and supervise while I sew. Sometimes he chases the tomato pincushion when he thinks I’m not looking.

After years and years of wearing all black all the time, I’ve somehow succumbed to white, romantic, flowery designs. It all started with wearing grey last year, then dyeing my hair all black (from black with a red streak) after five years, then realizing I can somehow carry off non-black items without looking ridiculous. It wouldn’t have been as fun to sew entirely in all black, all the time.




White Eyelet Skirt: Next Project in the Queue

My next project in the queue is a White Eyelet Skirt, similar to this skirt:


sewing: McCall’s M5582

project started: McCall’s M5582.


I wanted a 50’s style dress that was simple yet whimsical, which led to McCall’s M5582 in a dessert-themed pink print. so far I’ve just cut and measured the fabric. I plan to line this with muslin or rayon.


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