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finished object: Frog Skirt (sewing)

notes: Singer 210, polyester thread. old frog print cloth. drafted a pattern based on one of my skirts using old gift wrap. it fits, but it’s a bit awkward.

will definitely make again. need to keep to 3/8 seams – it looks like i was doing 1/2 an inch. also need to learn how to make buttons or zippers. not bad for my first sewing project.

finished object: Mermaid Capelet

notes: definitely a stealth knit. I was working on this while procrastinating on the Rattle and Hum cardigan. knit on size 15 bamboo circulars with bulky yarn – Brown Sheep Bulky in green. I went as a mermaid this Halloween, and thought this would be a good way to keep warm (while still appearing mermaid-like). I’ve always thought capelets were impractical, so I don’t think I will be knitting this again.

finished object: Three Hour Sweater

project update: Rattle and Hum Cardigan

project started: Rattle and Hum Cardigan

finished object: Three Hour Sweater

notes: worked from the top down in the round on size 8 Addi needles. did the math based on my gauge swatch and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s percentages. knit the collar for about 3 inches, then joined and knit until the waist shaping. knitting the ribbing seemed to take a very long time.

i’ll definitely knit this again, but in a lighter yarn with better drape. my gauge was 4 stitches per inch but it did feel a little bulky.

photos when it’s daylight out.

project: Three Hour Sweater

i was about to abandon this sweater to make a black-dyed cardigan (it’s been really cold here lately), but decided i would try it on to see if it even fits. and it does! i did the math based on my gauge swatch, and used the 1930s pattern as a guide. will post my notes when i finish knitting.

Outfit of the Day: ’20s Event at Governor’s Island

fur stole, navy blue dress, fishnets, black ankle boots, black wool cardigan (thrifted), crocheted navy blue lace cloche hat (self-made).

Cabled Cardigan

i started this cardigan in Sept 2006. i finished the back, left sleeve, right sleeve, and found a half-worked section of the front piece in the bottom of my closet, languishing after 3+ years. i had abandoned it since i wasn’t a very good knitter back then, and i had made a mistake in the front piece section. definitely determined to finish it this year!

notes: using 2 inches of k2, p2 ribbing at the bottom. size 8 needles in bamboo. cascade 220 yarn.

mods: 3/4 sleeves, rounded collar – in seed stitch?

Outfit of the Day: Puff Sleeved Cardigan re-visited

black wool beret, black belt, skirt (thrifted), black tights, black heeled ankle boots, grey cardigan (handknit).

i knit Puffed-Sleeved Cardigan a size (or two) too large, and haven’t found a way to wear it that looks halfway decent other than today (which explains the belt).


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